ADVIT- Data Labeling Tool

An Innovative Platform for all Data Labeling Needs

ADVIT is Automated labelling tool which can be customized according to client’s use cases to store and label the data. Keeping the need of utmost data security, ADVIT works as a platform where clients get their data labeled on-premise without even having to share with the third party.​ ADVIT can output the data in any format like depending on your model requirement.​ .txt, .json, .csv, etc.​

Uniques Features of ADVIT

Hierarchical Attribute Tagging ​

Along with the annotations, ADVIT also provides additional attribute tagging capability for your labelled data; ​ Example:
1) Retail Groceries:
■ Bread​
■ Type – Bakery product.​
■ Sub-category – Blueberry Streusel Bread​

Multi-camera Video Synchronization​

1) ‘Multi-Camera Synchronization’ which takes the input from multiple cameras and synchronize the multi-camera data exactly frame by frame.​
2) Time-stamping for every frame to synchronize the data across all the cameras.​
3) Same Object-id tagging across multi-cameras.

Advantages of ADVIT

1) Data Security
○ Data security measures​
○ Follow GDPR compliances​
○ Reduce data mgmt. efforts​

2) Cost -effective
○ 2x less the market cost​
○ Zero start-up cost​

3) Capable team 
○ We use only in-house, full-time and highly trained annotators with Human
in the loop (HITL)​
○ Easy scaling of data annotators as and when required.​

4) Accurate
○ A separate QA team reviews 100% of the data.​
○ Decrease false labeling rates by increasing trained man-power​