Introduction Page

ADVIT (Analysis of Data-like Video Image and Text) is the most advanced AI-assisted data annotation platform used to create and manage high-quality training data all in one place. ADVIT includes deep learning models for automated labeling and ease of annotation.

The following are the premier features of ADVIT:

  1. Custom UI – Custom user interface (UI) designed specifically for the ease of manual annotation and automated labeling.
  2. Secure – Easy to label data, securely export data in multiple standard formats, swiftly build and train models, and integrate these models into real-time workflows.
  3. Models IncludedADVIT includes 10 premium models which can automatically label data across more than 100 classes.
  4. Integration – Capable of integrating custom trained models for annotation.
  5. Data Support – Supports all type of data
    1. Image (jpg, jpeg, png)
    2. Video (.mp4, .avi, .mov)
Secure Dataset management platform for labeled and unlabeled data

Getting Started...

ADVIT is protected with multiple layers of security measures to prevent unauthorized access to your projects, data, models, and annotations.
  1. Registration: The first time you register on ADVIT, you are required to enter your username, email id, and password to register.