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Our licensable datasets to jumpstart your AI projects

Product Catalog

While open data or public data sets are convenient, we offer an extensive catalog of ‘off-the-shelf’, 250+ licensable datasets across 80 languages across multiple dialects for a variety of common AI use cases. We are excited to announce 30+ new datasets for 2020 that deliver immediate value to our customers. Among our offerings, you will find data sets for speech recognition, learning datasets for machine learning algorithms, all created with the most advanced available data science.


Available immediately to support your AI/ML projects today

Cost Effective

Licensed data sets are more economical than custom data collection


20+ years’ data collection experience

Support All Data Types

Image, video, speech, audio, and text


Provide the right amount of data to train your models effectively


Improve quality and minimize bias in your AI models

Use Cases

Whether you are working on a text-to-speech system, a voice recognition system or another solution that relies on natural language, high-quality licensed speech and language datasets allow you to go to market faster and reach more potential customers.

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