We offer autonomous vehicle programs and connected vehicle ecosystems that can cancel out human errors while driving.

AI has not only created autonomous vehicles but also developed connected vehicle ecosystems.

Autonomous vehicles ie. self-driving vehicles have come a long way and are trained well for use in the real world. There are AI algorithms that can control fleets of such vehicles which have opened up infinite possibilities for the future for transport. Autonomous connected vehicle systems are gonna help reduce accidents, theft, human traffic errors, etc. This makes us believe in a world with a harmonious traffic sense. 

At Automaton AI, We offer AI applications for car service diagnostics, autonomous drive, passenger safety, insurance, etc.

At Automaton AI, we offer machine learning models designed for your retail business powered by our proprietary software, ADVIT, and CLARITY. We also offer online chatbot services.

AI use cases in Automotive Industry

Autonomous transport

Autonomous vehicles are vehicles that are driven by machine learning models with the help of computer vision and AI sensors. These AI-powered cars sense traffic and traffic lights as well as speed limits. Yes, autopilot!

Self-Service Diagnosis

A vehicle with ML software can sense if there are any defects in any part of the engine or the entire car. It keeps a track of the wear and tear of different parts and suggests repairs and servicing when needed.

Driver behavior & Safety

Vehicles with AI software can detect driver behavior by comparing their usual driving style to the current one and detect any stressful driving. It also detects the use of safety features in the car like seat belts and turning indicators.

Connected vehicles/Fleet management

A synchronized fleet of AI-powered autopilot vehicles that can run around the city while keeping a track of each other’s movements. If all vehicles are connected to a centralized fleet management system, we can end road accidents.

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