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What is AI Labs by Automaton AI?

The AI LAB (AI Center Of Excellence Labs, COELABS) is a turnkey, state-of-the-art modular learning platform designed to enable Universities drive more and more research in AI.
It includes FDP and provides researchers with practical hands-on activities exposing them to multiple disciplines and various scenarios in which artificial intelligence takes control of our lives. It gives researchers and faculties a unique and rich learning experience to ensure that they are ready for their careers, college, and life-in-the-2030s
It’s a fully-integrated AI Labs with the highest level of service quality including complete installation, professional development and a direct access to support and online resources to ensure your research success.
Opportunities for AI
Research with AI Labs

Technical Key Features

Video / Image Pre-Processing

SDK for Data Labeling

The self-hosted platform for DL application development for students, Faculties, etc.

AI model training platform

AI model inferencing platform

Value add to students

University Benefits



Increase your agricultural produce with AI-powered automated equipment, weather forecast, soil and plant health care, and pesticide optimization systems.


We specialize in AI and ML in manufacturing to manage data, improve production efficiency, and cut losses.

Smart City

We design AI models to make cities truly smart by digitalizing the city administration, centralizing surveillance, and simplifying waste management.


We help your retail business go digital and use AI for efficient customer service, order management, feedback, and customer retention.

Banking & Finance

Centralize your banking activities like customer service, customer profile management, and personalized marketing activities with the help of AI.


Simplify your healthcare management services by automating patient data collection and management along with their insurance information and medical histories.

Which Departments can Use AI Labs?



AI &

Data Science





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