Banking & Finance

Banking has tremendously advanced in recent years due to growth in technology and AI.

Machine learning applications have been developed to automate banking processes. These algorithms keep a track of all the customers’ accounts and automate payments and interests. They also do up-sell marketing to customers based on their transactional history and behavioral patterns. At Automaton AI, to support banking processes we design ML applications that excel in data pre-processing, statistical distribution, mapping tool, and continuous model evaluation.

AI use cases in Banking & Finance

Investment Portfolio Analysis

AI models can study customers’ investment portfolios and understand their investment patterns to showcase possible opportunities for each customer according to their investment brackets.

Personalized offers and customer retention

AI algorithms that study customers’ online behavior and present personalized offers for them on the products they are most interested in. This personalized attention to each customer helps in customer retention.

Customer Categorization & Behavioural Analysis

ML models can study your customer’s online banking behavior and their transaction histories to accordingly categorize them as per their investment portfolios.

Loan Defaulter Analysis

AI software that can register customer behaviors and detect intentional loan defaulters from their payment pattern. This could help soothe the problem of NPAs.

Credit Card Fraud Detection

Credit card frauds can be detected way in advance by studying the customers’ credit card usage history with the help of AI and ML models.

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