We offer AI models to takeover all major verticals in construction like design, planning, execution, marketing, and maintenance.

AI has set foot in the world of real estate and construction and changed the way we look at structures.

Thanks to AI calculations, we can construct a unique building in minimum time and maximum safety and produce a high-quality product. AI programs also work to market real estate online to potential customers based on their behavioral and search patterns. Right from what material to use for construction to what person to sell it to, AI takes care of everything.

At Automaton AI, We offer you Machine learning algorithms that can flawlessly automate construction-related activities.

AI use cases in Construction Industry


AI software that is capable of studying the topography of a plot and create unique and beautiful construction designs taking into consideration the directions and surrounding landscape as well as the height of the construction and ventilation.

Execution and

Automated execution of a construction project is now possible with the help of machine learning models. The algorithm monitors the progress of the project and constantly keeps a track of any defaults in the construction.

Automated heavy equipment

Heavy equipment like cranes and bulldozers can be operated automatically with the help of ML models. This helps to reduce the risk to human lives when operating these machines.

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