Lead in the insurance sector by using our AI programs to leverage activities like customer care, fraud detection, and insurance claim management.

Lead in the insurance sector by using our AI programs to leverage activities like customer care, fraud detection, and insurance claim management.

Business sectors like insurance that operate in highly complicated numbers to execute regular processes, can make use of Artificial intelligence to ease these processes by automating them with the help of machine learning patterns. AI models take care of clients’ medical histories, their policy details, claim history, and approval of an insurance claim online. The machine learning models also detect client patterns and offer fraud detection and suspicious activity detection increasing the security of the insurance company.

At Automaton AI, we offer the deployment of machine learning models specifically customized to take care of your insurance company according to your policies.

AI use cases in Insurance Industry

Vehicle damage detection & repair cost analysis

AI models built for automating the vehicle insurance industry make use of computer vision and multiple sensors to detect vehicle damage and also give a repair cost analysis.

Life insurance photo analytics

AI algorithms help in automating the life insurance industry by computer vision analysis of your photo to provide instant quotes based on age, BMI, etc.

Automated claim processing

AI models that keep track of insurance policies of customers and in case of a claim, they verify the customer and approve their claim.

Chatbots for customer service

AI-powered chatbots have been developed to tap into potential customers at the right time.
These chatbots also recommend insurance plans to match the customer’s requirements.

Property analysis

AI algorithms have also been designed for flawless property analysis as well as fraud detection based on the customer’s behavior.

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