Automaton AI's release notes have a brief description of the new updates released on our unified Deep Learning Platform- ADVIT.

Release – October 2021

Auto Polygon Annotation Feature

ADVIT is well advanced Deep Learning platform with different types of annotations like Bbox, Polygon, cuboidal, etc. Along with the Automated Bbox annotation, ADVIT now has the capability of Automated Polygon Annotation. Data Scientists can now integrate custom DNN models in ADVIT to annotate data at scale. Data Scientists can also download the data in the desired format (post annotations) like Coco, Pascal VOC, etc. Automaton AI also has the capability of integrating pre-trained Segmentation Models using ADVIT inferencing API.

Custom DNN Model Integration Through APIs

Data Scientists can integrate their own custom DNN models using the ADVIT APIs. This functionality helps users to check the accuracy of the model and also can auto-label the datasets which are added by the user into ADVIT. User can also export the annotations from the ADVIT in standard formats like Pascal VOC (.xml), Coco(.json), Yolo (.txt), CSV, etc. Data Quality Analysis team can perform the quality checking of the annotations done through the model and can also add missing annotations to the database