Automaton AI's release notes have a brief description of the new updates released on our unified Deep Learning Platform- ADVIT.

Release – May 2022

De-Hazing Model :

Haze is one of the most common environmental factors impacting image quality. The Dehaze model is an image-to-image translation-based generator, which aims at removing haze from the image.

Face Restoration Model:

Faces in the images often lose features and the quality of the overall image deteriorates. Face Restoration algorithm detects faces in the input image and restores them using the most advance generative deep learning techniques.

Super Resolution Model:

Super Resolution model tries to create a high-resolution image with the help of a low-resolution image. Given an image it adds learned features for better texture to create perceptually satisfying result.

Enlighten Model:

Enlighten model is an advanced deep learning generator which translates a low light image into a bright light image.