We specialize in AI and ML in manufacturing to manage data, improve production efficiency, and cut losses.

A business sector such as manufacturing needs to embrace artificial intelligence to execute its mega operations catering to the needs of today's world.

The use of AI in manufacturing plants can enhance your production time management, production quantity prediction, dynamic demand, and supply ratio as well as other factors such as the implementation of safety measures for factory workers and optimize the use of all resources to maximize the efficiency of the plant. ML Models can identify defects in the machinery with the help of computer vision. AI can also be implemented to analyze factory data and manage operational processes.

AI use cases in Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing process supervision

ML models have been designed to measure various sensor parameters like production time, idle time, changeover time, etc.

Asset Management in factories

CCTV cameras synchronized to keep an eye on all assets in the factory. It also helps in automated attendance by face recognition and people management by detecting safety helmet and apparel that is compulsory on the premises.

Availability and Quality Assurance

AI-powered software to always track the status of equipment availability, performance levels & quality assurance using ML analysis.

Parts checking for defects

AI models that make use of multiple sensors and cameras to regularly check different parts and detect any defect in the equipment with its classification & Segmentation using Deep Learning models (DL)

Predictive actionable alerts

AI algorithms use computer vision and multiple sensors to keep a track of the vital stats at the manufacturing unit and raise alerts if any issues are detected.

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