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Accelerated with unified platform

Data Pre-processing
Optimize the data automatically and prepare it for each phase of the computer vision pipeline.

Data Labeling
Automate the data labeling processes and streamline data pipelines in-house.

Data Management
Manage the structured and unstructured video/image/text datasets in runtime and perform automatic functions that refine your data in preparation for each step of the Deep Learning pipeline.

DNN model training:
Upon accurate data labeling and QA, you can train your own model. DNN training needs hyperparameter tuning like Batch size, learning, rate, etc. Optimize and transfer learning on trained models to increase accuracy.

DNN Model serving:
Post-training, take the model to production. ADVIT also does model versioning. Model development and accuracy parameters can be tracked in run-time. Increase the model accuracy with a pre-trained DNN model for Auto-labeling.

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Increase your agricultural produce with AI-powered automated equipment, weather forecast, soil and plant health care, and pesticide optimization systems.


We specialize in AI and ML in manufacturing to manage data, improve production efficiency, and cut losses.

Smart City

We design AI models to make cities truly smart by digitalizing the city administration, centralizing surveillance, and simplifying waste management.


We help your retail business go digital and use AI for efficient customer service, order management, feedback, and customer retention.

Banking & Finance

Centralize your banking activities like customer service, customer profile management, and personalized marketing activities with the help of AI.


Simplify your healthcare management services by automating patient data collection and management along with their insurance information and medical histories.

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