Full-stack AI company to make enterprises master the entire Artificial Intelligence lifecycle.

The world is standing on the verge of a behemoth revolution inspired by Artificial Intelligence. We aim to bring this superpower to every business.

We are a full-stack AI company with a mission to democratize AI.

Automaton AI is an AI industry expert who is Transforming how businesses see the world with end-to-end AI services ranging from Data Labeling to Application Development and Model Deployment.

Our Products

Automaton AI’s state-of-the-art AI infrastructure and experienced team have built AI products that will set the foundation for transformational enterprises across industries.

Our services

Explore endless possibilities with our full-stack AI platform where we aim to deliver AI-powered software and technical solutions to businesses that want to leverage data and machine learning algorithms in businesses.

Let’s discuss tailor-made AI solutions for your business.

Transforming Every Industry With AI

Leverage the data for AI Application to turn the shopper in the buyer by improving customer experience, personalizing the service and delivering relevant search results.

Maximize the customer experience, customer acquisition and retention, increase business efficiency, and reduce risks by leveraging AL/ML.

Provide better services to customers by automating labour-intensive tasks, predicting customer behaviour, understanding preferences and optimizing price by leveraging AL/ML in enterprises.

Offer unbiased, accurate second-opinion to dental diagnosis along with enhanced patient care systems and optimized dental practice performance.

Improve emergency response, traffic analysis, improve infrastructure, public utilities with secure data services.

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Our Story

Automaton AI was founded with a vision to create an AI-Hub and democratize AI by making it available for all-sized enterprises with tailor-made solutions for the businesses. With a team of 25+ team members, we aim to empower businesses all over the world to build a new generation of intelligent applications.

Our focus is ultimate customer satisfaction with state-of-the-art AI Solutions laced with ethical AI to make our customers’ businesses safer, stronger and more profitable.

Along with our AI expert team, we’ve also teamed up with Industry-experts from various domains like Dentistry, Healthcare, Banking, etc.