We create AI and ML models that offer automated clinic management, patient management, and medical diagnosis support.

AI applications have seen significant growth in Dentistry over the past few years.

Tasks like accurate dental mapping and diagnosing the condition have been made much easier using AI. ML models have been developed to focus on the quality and accuracy of diagnosis and treatment of dental ailments. ML models are trained with the help of huge quantities of data, labeled by senior medical professionals. The coveted dentist’s chair has also seen tremendous progress with the introduction of AI. 

At Automaton AI, we offer Data pre-processing & Labeling services using our flagship software ADVIT and Data Licensing services related to your dentistry business with continuous model revaluation.

AI use cases in Dentistry

Predicting orthodontic extractions

With the help of computer vision, AI models can scan your dental graphs and predict the tooth extractions where needed

Clinic management

AI software has been developed for efficient management of the regular clinic tasks like making appointments, collecting patients’ medical histories, and pre assessing their conditions. Forget about the stress of managing clinic staff.

Detection and diagnosis

AI algorithms that can detect dental complications by analyzing patients’ reports and diagnose the condition, also suggesting further procedure to the patient.

Let’s discuss tailor-made AI solutions for your business.