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We help you understand Artificial Intelligence.

Dispel your doubts

Automaton AI Consultancy aims at helping you understand the best ways to harness the strengths of AI and reduce the risk factors when you invest in this latest tech. Consult with us and get all the answers you need before you embrace AI and skyrocket your profits.

We will not only explain the basics to you but also help you design the perfect AI blueprint, suitable for your company.


the Market

We help in empowering your business with AI which gives out great results and efficiently helps you lead the market.

the right path

Our team of experts is always there to guide you whenever you feel stuck or have a doubt about the technology.


We facilitate the AI processes setup map and help you organize the work and your team making sure that it functions efficiently

The digital world is expanding, as we speak. And nobody wants to miss out on the action. Companies now want to leverage the benefits of Artificial Intelligence(AI) to boost their businesses.

Companies shifting to AI for their operations require proper guidance in the processes involved  and need to take things one step at a time to avoid disrupting the existing structure of business.

The use of AI algorithms and the Internet of Things(IoT) for your business can turn out to be an expensive affair. We advise you to take things slow. It is always better to first invest in learning about the technology before spending large sums of money to set it up.

Automaton AI Consultancy will forge a path for you to follow.  We have a simple framework that will educate you about everything  you need to know when upgrading to AI.




An elaborate client call where Automaton AI Consultancy understands the client’s business structure and prevailing situation, underlining the AI possibilities for their businesses.



 Automaton AI Consultancy collaborates with the client and researches the client’s AI capabilities and suggests plans for upgrading to AI.



Automaton AI Consultancy conducts an on-site workshop at the client’s workplace to understand their existing processes and caliber to upgrade.


Strategy Report

Automaton AI Consultancy generates a complete AI strategy report after an on-site analysis of the client. The report contains a stepwise process and duration required to upgrade the client’s set up with Artificial Intelligence.



An elaborate client call where Automaton AI Consultancy confirms that their client is satisfied with the up-gradation process and that it works efficiently with the client’s business model.

Automaton AI Consultancy will support you in getting to the top in this era of Artificial Intelligence.