We help your retail business go digital and use AI for efficient customer service, order management, feedback, and customer retention.

AI is enabling the retail systems to work together to optimize various factors like customer experience, forecasting, inventory management, supply chain management, etc.

AI-powered programs enable retail merchants in retaining customers by offering personalized, automated, and fast service. ML models understand your sales graphs and forecasts sales as well as the quantity of material required as raw material. This helps in cutting down excess costs and increasing profit margins. AI sensors in retail outlets also help to curb cases of theft and robbery. Overall, retail has become very efficient owing to the complete automation by AI.

At Automaton AI, we offer machine learning models designed for your retail business powered by our proprietary software, ADVIT, and CLARITY. We also offer online chatbot services.

AI use cases in Retail Industry

Cashier-free stores

AI has made it possible for retail stores to be cashier-free by deploying chatbots to assist with billing as well as customer service.

Virtual fitting rooms

AI has now made it possible to try out various outfits and accessories in virtual trial rooms. The model creates a 3D image of us and places the product on our image giving us a feel of a virtual trial.

Categorization and search

AI models can now categorize various products and also pull them up on voice and visual searches.

Customer behavior prediction

AI algorithms understand customer behavior and make predictions about their purchases with high accuracy. This helps in reaching customers exactly when they are interested.

Price predictions and adjustments

ML models have been developed which understand the market of the products being manufactured and make price predictions and dynamic adjustments accordingly.

Let’s discuss tailor-made AI solutions for your business.