Increase your agricultural produce with AI-powered automated equipment, weather forecast, soil and plant healthcare, and pesticide optimization systems.

AI has made huge progress in agriculture by introducing automated processes to replace many manual tasks.

Agricultural equipment has been automated with the help of AI and IoT. Deep learning algorithms are designed to study the weather conditions, soil and plant conditions, and pest infestation with the help of various sensors and computer vision. This data is then used by the algorithm to forecast weather, keep a track of the soil and plant health, and optimize the use of pesticides for your crops. The overall result is increased production of better quality. At Automaton AI, we design these algorithms keeping in mind the area of your field and your expected results from the harvest.

AI use cases in Agriculture Industry

Automated irrigation

Automated irrigation systems that use computer vision to sense plant growth and register the variety of the crop and drip water according to the plant’s requirement which results in higher productivity.

Drone support

Drones equipped with computer vision and sensors can be flown over farms to monitor crop health and spray optimum amounts of pesticides/insecticides according to the requirement.

Robot labor

Fruit harvesting bots run on AI algorithms and detect the ripe fruits on the trees as well as pluck and collect them. There are also robots with AI algorithms designed to identify weed growth in your farm and uproot it.

Insect and pest

Early warning systems for insect infestations AI-powered systems that use sensors placed around the farm for early detection of insect infestation and alerts you to take immediate measures.

Climate control in a greenhouse

AI-based climate controllers help to synthesize the essential conditions for the growth of certain crops in greenhouses. This leads to the most desired quality of the resultant crop produce.

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