From concept to deployment

Let us create your custom AI application and speed up your brand’s AI adoption process.

Automaton AI Consultancy

Our expert team understands your business and your requirement to design an AI algorithm for your app. learn more.

Data processing tasks

These include tasks like Data collection & sourcing, Data cleaning, Data mining, Data labeling, Data management.

ML model selection

We train the ML/DNN models and validate the accuracy and retrain for better accuracy.

Model optimization

The algorithm is executed at given throughput, latency, memory & energy constraints followed by some HW specific and network optimizations.


Your customized AI application is then deployed for real-time testing.

Application maintenance

The deep learning model keeps delivering higher accuracies while we continue to manage and ensure the reliability and performance of the AI application.

Automaton AI’s approach is radically, refreshingly, and surprisingly different.

end to end

End to End

We can build end-to-end AI applications, combined with other APIs.



We implement stringent Quality analysis on the software.



We can integrate our model onto your existing application.



We help you with application deployment and maintenance.

End To End

The need for this service –

Many organizations in recent days have set about incorporating artificial intelligence into their day to day lives as it offers quicker solutions to laborious problems. Algorithms that will easily accomplish tedious tasks at hand are being scouted. The AI algorithms that have been developed up until now solve more generic issues and it is not yet feasible to tweak them in accordance to the exact needs and requirements of specific businesses. These generic pre-trained models are created without any predetermined content in mind.

On the other hand, there are customizable AI models available that are proving to be successful in fulfilling basic everyday needs of both small and large businesses. Technology has advanced so much that custom AI apps can be created keeping individual requirements in mind. These apps can also be tweaked to get the desired results. With the capability to handle massive training data, complex deep learning algorithms and high demand for real time predictions. These AI apps will help you automate time consuming processes, increase your efficiency tenfold and help you macroscale your business.

Let’s discuss tailor-made AI solutions for your business.