Smart City

We design AI models to make cities truly smart by digitalizing the city administration, centralizing surveillance, and simplifying waste management.

Cities can be called smart cities all thanks to AI and ML applications improving the functionality of these cities on numerous fronts.

AI models help in automating and centralizing city administration and regular processes such as electricity and water supply. AI has also made huge progress in city waste collection and management. Security and surveillance have become very strong due to security cameras that are synced to one machine learning model. AI sensors around the city can create a network and track vital elements such as weather, rainfall, snowfall, the number of toxins in the air, etc. The applications of AI and ML in cities are endless. 

At Automaton AI, we deliver machine learning models designed for various smart city activities with the help of our data labeling tool, ADVIT, and our data pre-processing tool, CLARITY.

AI use cases for Smart City

Smart Energy Metering

AI powered energy meters which track usage of resources and predicts the future requirement of these resources.

Improving Traffic Control

Traffic management lights designed with the help of a machine learning model can manage vehicles with amazing efficiency.

Waste management

Robotic arms designed with AI and IoT can segregate our waste with high efficiency with the help of computer vision.

Computer Vision and Parking Systems

AI enabled parking systems use computer vision to keep a track of vehicles parked in the area and the duration of parking automatically calculating the parking cost.

Intelligent Security

AI cameras for surveillance and security can be placed at multiple locations and these cameras can be digitally synchronized to track unauthorised people.

Accurate Predictions and Forecasts

AI powered cameras and sensors fitted around the city learn from the regular weather changes and predict weather forecasts for the city.

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