AI-enabled Training Data Platform

The most advanced AI-assisted data annotation platform to create and manage high-quality training data all in one place.

Created by Oleksandr Panasovskyi from the Noun Project

ADVIT can easily scale up to your requirements with a high accuracy rate.

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60% reduction per label time

ADVIT drastically reduces the time consumption to Boost the volume of data you label.

2x less the market cost

Our fully managed automated platform and highly  capable team allows us to offer the most cost-effective solution on the market.

AI-powered data labeling solution

How the ADVIT Platform works

Labeling Types

Bounding Box is one of the most recognizable annotation methods where the object is outlined in a box as per deep learning model requirements. It is very useful in object classification in images/Videos which localizes them for computer vision.
Semantic segmentation, also known as pixel-level labeling that is mainly used for labeling the image with pixel-wise annotation. It is the process of distributing a digital image into multiple segments that changes the presentation of an image into a more expressive manner.
Key-point annotation is mostly used in terms of annotating unique points and localizing them on the objects. For example, a pose estimation model localizes and identifies certain face and body key-points such as wrist, hip, neck, etc.
This is used for the images that contain textual information. This kind of data is labelled along with the text embedded.
In Polygon technique, data is labelled to detect the exact shape of the object by drawing pixel-perfect polygons. Polygon annotation trains the data for models used in a precise application and these annotations give the model a clear idea about the structure of the object.
This kind of annotation helps define land line and boundary recognition on roads for autonomous driving models, defines trajectory planning for drone models, etc.

Differentiator Features

Hierarchical Attribute Tagging

ADVIT offers additional attribute tagging features.
E.g.- For retail industry – Bread

Multi Camera Video Synchronization

Multi-Camera Synchronization takes the input from multiple cameras and synchronize the multi-camera data exactly frame by frame.​ Feature of Time-stamping for every frame to synchronize the data across all the cameras.​  Same Object-id tagging across multi-cameras can be achieved with ADVIT.

White-label Automated Labeling Tool

For enterprises, the automated labeling solution can be integrated with the existing data pipeline. 

Enterprise level White-label Annotation Solutions proves to be extremely helpful to streamline data pipelines in-house.

Our platform offers

Data Security​

Data security measures , Project level checking to prevent any unauthorized access ​

No need to share data on cloud​, Encryption of  Proprietary data

Prompt Delivery

We use only in-house, full-time and highly trained annotators with Human in the loop (HITL) ​

Easy scaling of data annotators as and when required.​


A separate QA team reviews 100% of the data. ​

This decreases false labelling rates by increasing trained man-power & Automated Labeling.

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