A unified Deep Learning Platform


Manage all your data, AI infrastructure
& projects on single platform

ADVIT Features

White- labeled platform for your organization

Self-hosted DL Platform

Data Security compliant

Custom- integrated with your Software chain

2x faster DL application development

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ADVIT Studio Platform

Benifits & Uniqueness

Deep Learning anywhere, anytime
(Massive Scaling)

  • Location agnostic
  • Time agnostic
  • AI Framework agnostic
  • Hardware agnostic
  • Higher Throughput & Efficiency

Licensable/Subscription based platform
(Seamless Integration)

Platform focused for Data Scientists, so that they can develop effective AI models for servers & edge devices

Accelerating AI

Accelerate AI innovations & deploy AI models with high throughput and lower latency.

Accelerate your AI development

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ADVIT - Deep Learning Platform

Deep Learning model training:

Upon accurate data labeling and QA, you can train your own model. DNN training needs hyperparameter tuning like Batch size, learning, rate, etc. Optimize and transfer learning on trained models to increase accuracy.

Deep Learning Model serving:

Post-training, take the model to production. ADVIT also does model versioning. Model development and accuracy parameters can be tracked in run-time. Increase the model accuracy with a pre-trained DNN model for Auto-labeling.

Data & Project Management:

The most advanced AI-assisted platform to create and manage high-quality training data all in one place.

ADVIT manages your structured and unstructured video/image/text datasets in runtime. Data management plugins allow you to perform automatic functions that refine your data in preparation for each step of the Deep Learning pipeline.

Data Pre-processing:

Prepare images  and videos for data annotation and model training using ADVIT platform. Data pre-processing plugins help you optimise the data automatically and prepare it for each phase of the computer vision pipeline.

Data Labeling & Synthetic Data Generation:

Our automated data labelling solution can be combined with an existing data pipeline for businesses. Our white-labeled Annotation platform at the enterprise level has proven to be extremely useful in streamlining data pipelines in-house.

Deep Learning Model Inference:

With ADVIT’s unified architecture, Deep Learning models can be optimised for accuracy before being added in the model serving pipeline for real-time inference. 

Custom DL models can be integrated & visualized on run-time to create the most accurate model for your data using our model integration API. ADVIT provides a completely scalable, end-to-end deep learning framework.

Frameworks Supported include:


Model Training on Button clicks

Pre-trained models available to speed-up the Deep Learning Lifecycle

Data organization & Tracking

Monitor or QA your data-labeling progress on run-time

User management functionality

Cloud & On-premise platform

Get statistics about distributions of your data

Integration with client’s software stack

User specific Data export


ADVIT - Capabilities

Get statistics about distributions of your data

Pre-trained models available to speed-up the Deep Learning Lifecycle

Integration with client’s software stack

Monitor or QA your data-labeling progress on run-time

Data organization & Tracking

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