Use our AI hospitality software that makes hotel operations and revenue management seem easy and helps retain customers by offering them a personalized experience.

Artificial intelligence has become an integral part of the hospitality industry with its unique applications all over the sector.

AI has made it possible to analyze customer behavior and study market patterns. It offers customization of each customer based on their interests and choices. AI models also help the backend of the hospitality industry with a sales forecast, performance, backend operations optimization, cost management, etc. AI applications in hospitality, focus mainly on customer satisfaction and business resources optimization. AI can be used to adjust occupation logs and room rates dynamically.

At automaton AI, we offer machine learning models that understand your business and your customer behavior to boost your hospitality business.

AI use cases in Hospitality


Artificial intelligence offers personalization of the ultimate level to each customer. The program stores every customer’s interests and preferences and customizes their experience accordingly.

Chatbot Butlers

Digital chatbots that act as your butler and offer assistance with anything you need during the period of your stay. These chatbots run on AI algorithms and understand the customer’s personality and even recommend experiences to them.

Updates and maintenance

ML models that constantly update the hotel software with any new bookings and also keeps a track of time to time maintenance of the amenities at the hotel.

Booking and staff interaction

AI software that is capable of attending to a customer, understanding their requirements, offering them various options, and confirming the booking of the customer’s preference. They also communicate with hotel staff when any customer needs assistance.

Room occupation and rate optimization

AI models can manage the inventory of your hotel and keep a dynamic track of your room occupancy. They also automatically optimize the room rates on online portals as per seasonal and occasional shifts.

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