With Automaton AI’s ADVIT,create, manage and develop high quality training data and DNN models all in one place.

Industries We Serve


We help your retail business go digital and use AI for efficient customer service, order management, feedback, and customer retention.

Banking & Finance

Centralize your banking activities like customer service, customer profile management, and personalized marketing activities with the help of AI.


Simplify your healthcare management services by automating patient data collection and management along with their insurance information and medical histories.


Lead in the insurance sector by using our AI programs to leverage activities like customer care, fraud detection, and insurance claim management.


Increase your agricultural produce with AI-powered automated equipment, weather forecast, soil and plant healthcare, and pesticide optimization systems.


We offer autonomous vehicle programs and connected vehicle ecosystems that can cancel out human errors while driving.


We offer AI models to takeover all major verticals in construction like design, planning, execution, marketing, and maintenance.

Smart City

We design AI models to make cities truly smart by digitalizing the city administration, centralizing surveillance, and simplifying waste management.


Use our AI hospitality software that makes hotel operations and revenue management seem easy and helps retain customers by offering them a personalized experience.


We create AI and ML models that offer automated clinic management, patient management, and medical diagnosis support.

Let’s discuss tailor-made AI solutions for your business.