Simplify your healthcare management services by automating patient data collection and management along with their insurance information and medical histories.

Healthcare and medical sectors have joined hands with AI and ML leading to tremendous progress in the technology used in healthcare today.

From unifying mind and machine through brain-computer interfaces to developing the next generation of radiology tools, AI has revolutionized the way we treat illnesses. We can now get more precise analytics for images and x-rays with intelligent medical devices and machines. There are AI-powered wearables and personal devices like health bands and smartphones that can track your health and nutrition. Photographs of visible symptoms taken by smartphones can be used to diagnose a condition. AI models use computer vision technology to assist doctors in analyzing the patient’s condition and diagnosis.

At Automaton AI, we offer Data pre-processing & Labeling services using our flagship software ADVIT and Data Licensing services related to healthcare with continuous model revaluation.

AI use cases in Healthcare Industry

Virtual assistance

AI-based health assessment programs are available which can remotely diagnose a patient’s condition through computer vision and various sensors and suggest immediate treatment options.

Healthcare bots

AI and ML models have successfully created robots with IoT which specialize in healthcare. A bot that keeps live track of your body vitals, diagnoses any irregularity in your health, and reminds you to follow ur medication course.

Medical Drug creation

An AI software with a strong training data set can predict the various outcomes of mixing different amounts of certain chemicals to create a certain drug. The quick analysis helps scientists to reach the desired result much sooner.

Diagnostics assistance and medical imaging

Machine learning models can scan a patient’s medical reports and compare them with millions of similar reports which were previously assessed, in a matter of seconds. The model then offers a suggestive diagnosis for the patient’s medical condition.

Cybersecurity & Fraud Detection

AI software can now synchronize all medical activities on one server and monitor patient and doctor behavior. It keeps a track of the medical supplies inventory. It can also detect cybersecurity and medical insurance fraud.

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