How is AI reinventing the Dentistry Industry?

How is AI reinventing the Dentistry Industry?

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How is AI reinventing the Dentistry Industry?

Artificial intelligence is a seed that germinated about sixty years ago. However, AI has made remarkable progress in the last decade finding its applications in various fields. The medical and healthcare sector is no different here. Today, healthcare AI systems have evolved to such an extent, that their implications in the medical health sector are inevitable.

AI in healthcare assists medical professionals with a lot of tasks where human capabilities sometimes encounter errors, such as diagnosis of a condition through the study of the patient’s X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, etc. Machine learning (ML) models with great data processing capacities have been amazingly accurate in diagnosing a condition based on the patient’s test reports and their medical history.

ML models also help in running a clinic or an organized healthcare center, by keeping a record of patient profiles with their medical history, setting up appointments with a medical professional according to the patient’s ailment, and assessing the patient’s condition graph after each consultation to make future predictions based on its stored training data sets of thousands of patient profiles. 

AI also supports the business side of your clinic, where it takes care of scheduling appointments and subsequent marketing activities to help your business reach its full potential. This has decreased the dependency on junior staff and business consultants.

AI applications have seen significant growth in Dentistry over the past few years. Tasks like accurate dental mapping and diagnosing the condition after processing large amounts of data have been made much easier using AI. ML models have been developed to focus on the quality and accuracy of diagnosis and treatment of dental ailments. These ML models are trained with the help of huge quantities of data, labeled by senior medical professionals. As they process more and more data, the deep learning model stores any new data and classifies it under different labels, eventually increasing its accuracy in suggesting diagnosis and treatment for the patient.

Let us understand some of the use cases of AI in dentistry,

Accurate analysis of Radiographs 

One of the common tasks for a dentist is locating caries in a patient’s teeth by analyzing their bitewing radiographs. It is humanly possible to make an error in assessing the graphs and this leads to incomplete treatments and multiple revisions. A strong ML model with enough labeled data can locate caries with astonishing accuracy.

Precise calculations and mapping for Dental alignment

AI also found its use in orthodontics to analyze the arrangement of our teeth and detect dental overcrowding. The ML model not only detects overcrowding but also suggests pressure points and the amount of pressure to be applied to achieve the desired result.  This has tremendously increased the accuracy in teeth straightening procedures, dropping the possibility of undesired results and the need for revising the pressure points.

Detection of oral cancers at an early stage

ML models have also shown immense capabilities in detecting oral cancers at an early stage based on the patients smoking and drinking history compared with existing data. This is a huge breakthrough in medical science and the early detection of cancers will help tremendously in the treatment of cancer.

 Clinic management – The perfect clinic assistant

ML models based on dental clinical operations, help automate daily repetitive tasks such as noting the medical histories of patients and scheduling appointments for them, helping the medical professional with a probable diagnosis of the patient’s condition after comparing their history with their latest reports and graphs, providing pre-op and post-op steps to the patients and guiding them with their medicine intake schedule. 

Business Development 

The ML model learns your business and its niches. It analyses your customer base and accordingly undertakes marketing activities online giving your business an optimum boost. A good example would be, the AI setting up an AD campaign based on the knowledge it gains from processing your regular patients’ data and the field of your clinical practice and funnels down the perfect target audience for your campaign.

ADVIT tool for Dentistry –

ADVIT by AutomatonAI is a full-stack Data labeling tool. It can be perfectly customized for applications in Dentistry. 

It has some unique data processing and labeling features such as,

ADVIT takes the patient data and labels new data according to its training data set. It even adds new data to its resource directory and provides this data for the diagnosis of future treatments.

ADVIT features a hierarchical attribute tagging, labeling patient and report data as per the category and subcategory, and so on.

ADVIT transforms the raw input data (medical history of a patient) into readable formats for the AI algorithm.

ADVIT features a data mapping tool that registers raw data from multiple sources and compares it to form a single data structure. (Comparing many previous medical cases to come to the most accurate diagnosis.)

ADVIT ensures data security by canceling out the necessity to share any data on the cloud and by preventing any unauthorized access to users by encoding the data.


ADVIT for dentistry is created with the help of expert annotators in the dental field. Huge amounts of perfectly annotated (labeled) data are fed to the ML model to ensure the highest levels of accuracy.

 With years of experience in the AI industry and top-of-the-field dentists onboard, Automaton AI is making groundbreaking progress in the dentistry sector.

The future -

We are still reaching the point where AI will be capable of completely assisting dentists and medical professionals with their tasks. However, compared to 10 years ago, AI has mastered a huge percentage of the medical industry and it keeps on learning more. We already have AI implications in Dentistry which have drastically increased the quality and accuracy of dental treatments. In the future, we will see more uses of AI and ML in this sector with the idea of perfecting and automating dental procedures.

The coveted dentist’s chair has also seen tremendous progress with the introduction of AI. Automated chairs with voice commands are already in place. Not too many years from now, we can expect patients to be attended and treated by a dentist, with a completely automated robotic system.

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