How is Video Intelligence being used in the Construction Industry?

How is Video Intelligence being used in the Construction Industry?

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already proven its worth in the construction business, from optimizing work schedules to increasing workplace safety to keeping a secure eye on construction sites. Construction companies world-over have rapidly begun to use AI in a variety of ways to make construction more efficient and innovative. 

Video analytics or intelligent video analytics, has piqued the interest of both industry and academia during the last several years. Video analytics has enabled the automation of jobs that were previously the sole domain of people, thanks to huge improvements in deep learning. Video analysis software has made a significant contribution by allowing for the accurate handling of large amounts of data.

Here’s how video intelligence is being used in the construction industry

1 . Hard Hats Detection

The detector helps you to reduce the number of industrial injuries and deaths caused by employees breaking safety regulations. When the Hard Hats Detection module is enabled, your video surveillance system recognizes a person in the frame and detects the presence of a hard hat on his head. Furthermore, you receive an automatic notification on your monitor, phone, or e-mail if there is no hard hat on the head of a person. At any given time, you can search the archive for a video clip containing the violation.

2 . Failover for Constructing

This technology enables the recording of a video to the archive and ensures a stable video stream If the server that the module is installed fails, the cameras are instantly transferred to the backup server. It will ensure that video is transmitted consistently and that the archive is not lost when the server is down. Despite any potential server issues, you will continue to get all video analytics notifications on your phone or through email. As a result, you will be able to secure the safety of your employees while avoiding damage to the construction site’s property.

3. Face Detection

This aids in minimizing property loss and avoiding hazards to the lives and health of construction workers. Through the face detection model, you can see all the faces that entered the camera’s range of vision, receive automatic notifications to the monitor, phone, or e-mail when faces are identified,  make reports about the people whose presence was recognized, including the detection time and store discovered faces in JPG format.

In addition, you don’t have to keep an eye on video surveillance monitors all day. Using the Face Detection module, you can identify a person based on their face who entered the field of vision of a camera located in an off-limits zone and/or at a time when being in that zone is banned.As a result, you can avoid mishaps that endanger the safety of your workers and the property on your building site. Furthermore, the photos of faces kept in the database, along with information on the time and location of their discovery, may be useful in investigating accidents and other similar events.

4. Surveillance and Monitoring

AI-enabled surveillance devices are also helping to maintain a careful eye on the construction site. With so much valuable equipment and machinery on hand, the facility might be a target for thieves. AI is being used at construction sites to automatically check security footage for any suspicious behavior. This technology does not only perform typical analytics like movement alerts, but it can also watch for specific activities or images that enter the frame. The AI can keep an eye on the site’s equipment, tools, and supplies and send out notifications if someone tries to take something.

It’s no wonder that the construction sector is adopting numerous AI technologies, given the fantastic results video intelligence has produced in the construction industry.

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