Press Release
January 2, 2021
Pune, India

Building The Future Of AI: Meet Automaton AI’s New appointed CEO- Bhushan Muthiyan

Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning Expert and Technologist Joins Automaton AI’s Ground-breaking Team


Automaton AI is a Full-stack AI company developing automated tools to speed up the Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) applications has appointed Bhushan Muthiyan as their new CEO. Bhushan has completed his MS in Computer engineering from San Jose State University in California, USA, steps up to take the control of the company and elevate Automaton AI to new heights. 

Bhushan has been previously working at Automaton AI as the chief data scientist, and he specializes in Embedded Systems and Deep Learning, making him a value addition to run the Automaton AI to develop AI-enabled tools that can speed up the AI applications from edge to the cloud. 

Before working with Automaton AI, Bhushan has worked on various AI positions in the companies including Wave Computing,, & Wells Fargo. His technology focus encompasses markets for ML and DL applications; data pre-processing & management, data integration, data analytics and visualization.

Automaton AI says, “Bhushan brings a strong domain knowledge of AI Applications to this role combined with a deep understanding of how AI & ML can disrupt the digital markets in various industries. As the CEO of Automaton AI, Bhushan will play a key role in shaping new verticals of growth. His experience and vision will be crucial in driving and developing new opportunities for Automaton AI in the future.”

Bhushan Muthiyan says, “AI is the upcoming Wave and the next revolution after IoT. This is an exciting time and I am impressed by the Automaton AI’s vision about democratizing the data industry with the automated tools to speed-up the ML and DL application development.”

About Automaton AI:

Automaton AI was founded together by a group of Engineers with a vision to create an AI-Hub and democratize AI by making it available for all-sized enterprises with tailor-made tools & solutions for the businesses. With a team of 25+ team members, they aim to empower businesses all over the world to build a new generation of intelligent tools needed to accomplish the ML & DL  application development..

Automaton AI focuses on ultimate customer satisfaction with state-of-the-art AI Solutions laced with ethical AI to make their customers’ businesses safer, stronger, and more profitable.

Along with their team of AI experts, they also collaborate with Industry-experts from various domains like Dentistry, Banking, Retail, Insurance, Agriculture, Healthcare, Automotive, Construction, Smart Cities, Manufacturing, Hospitality, etc. With the vision from the early investors Automaton AI has expanded its partner ecosystem in the USA, UK and Greece. For more information, please visit

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As the name suggests, synthetic data replicates real data, but it is generated through algorithms instead of collecting it from actual events. Synthetic data sets can be data sets created by algorithms imitating multiple scenarios in the real world and can be used to train ML models. It can be categorical, binary, or numerical. It can be used for various purposes such as test data for new products or tools, for model validation as well as for AI training purposes. To make synthetic data work more efficiently, the data sets’ length should be arbitrary, and the data should be randomly created. Random noise should be placed in the data set.

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