1. Sort By & Search functionality to search Projects

You can search any project on the search bar. You can also sort the project list by Name and Date.

2. Adding single/multiple Data Sets in the single project

You can add datasets into your project, as per your requirement, you can also add comments for different datasets

2.a. Single/multiple Dataset
You can add single/ multiple datasets in one project as per the requirement.
(i) Add multiple video files in single dataset

You can add single/multiple video files into a single dataset and can be converted it into frames as per the requirement. You can also view which user has uploaded the video, the uploading date, video size, video resolution and its type on the screen once the video is uploaded.

2.b. Delete Video file in single dataset

You can delete unwanted/duplicate/empty/blur video files from the dataset

3. Convert video to frames in button click

You can convert your video into frames by clicking on “Convert to Frames”  button

3.a. Change FPS to convert video to frames dynamically

You can convert the video from 1 Frames Per Second (FPS) to 30 Frames Per  Second (FPS), you can also select the frame type i.e JPEG or PNG to the convert  the video, after you select the FPS rate

3.b. Visualize converted frames

For quality check, you can view the frames which are extracted from the video,  to avoid blurr/empty/scribbled frames. You can also delete the unwanted  frames from the dataset.