1. Login with Verified Email Id and Password

ADVIT has an identity and access management feature wherein, you can access ADVIT platform with your valid email id and password. 

2. Forgot Password

You can create new password on clicking Forgot Password, if you do not remember your old password. 

3. Centralize Page for All the projects

Project Manager/ Project Admin can view all the projects on this centralized page, where they can view summary of each project in detail.

3.a. View Project Details

You can view the project details like how many datasets are uploaded, how many videos each dataset contains, etc. Also, you can share project details to concerned users.

3.b. Edit Project Details

You can Edit project details like changing the project name, project icon, or add/remove specified comments in the project. 

3.c. Delete Project Details

You Can delete your project and its details.

4. Import Annotation Formats