1. View dataset details

You can view the dataset details like number of videos in the dataset, dataset creation date, dataset name, etc.

2. Edit dataset

You can edit the dataset name, add or remove comments, etc.

3. Delete dataset

You can delete the dataset with all the details like images, videos etc.

4. Search dataset in a project

You can search a dataset from multiple datasets in a project by typing the dataset initials.

5. Adding Multiple Categories

You can add multiple categories in a project with all its attributes and sub attributes as per your  requirement. You can also add the categories after viewing the frames.

5.a. Add missing categories

You can add annotations for missing categories on the frame, by selecting the missing  category from the drop-down list of categories with type of annotation to be done.

5.b. Add categories on Run-time.

You can additional categories on the run-time like between annotation of images, or after completing annotation for specific dataset, or you can add categories before/after auto-annotation process, etc. (adding categories in a project is not restricted, you can add categories on your choice as per your requirement)