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AI Education and Research Program

AI Research labs

Automaton AI has brought an opportunity to empower the innovators and researchers with critical AI skillsets through its AI Research Labs. Automaton AI provides qualified research labs with complete solutions in Deep learning and Machine Learning. To bridge the gap between academia and AI industry we provide the Deep learning Labs with complete solutions for researchers and students.

Automaton AI encourages academic discovery and innovations with support for faculty and research scholars. Automaton AI support ranges from access to ADVIT AI labs and connections to our researchers and engineers.

Community AI Models

Explore and learn from AI models & AI projects created by our AI community. These models have been built using ADVIT AI Labs & ADAPT AI platform. Automaton AI works collaboratively with the AI Labs community developer, users & research scholars to develop AI models in the specific industries like retail, healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, etc. by working closely with their AI projects on a real-world data. Explore and learn more from the AI models gallery developed by Automaton AI community.

AI Education and Research Program
AI Education and Research Program

AI Research Program

The Automaton AI Research Program supports researchers with the guidance for the AI projects that can make real-world impact through AI project deployment using the AI Labs. To better enable the AI industry, Automaton AI makes AI labs accessible to all to generate next generation AI models. Automaton AI works collaboratively with the researchers to develop the state-o-the-art AI models by consulting, training, and providing the advanced AI labs. Research scholars can work on their research projects by collaborating with the Automaton AI research program.

Find Your Research Specific Resource in AI / ML



Increase your agricultural produce with AI-powered automated equipment, weather forecast, soil and plant health care, and pesticide optimization systems.


We specialize in AI and ML in manufacturing to manage data, improve production efficiency, and cut losses.

Smart City

We design AI models to make cities truly smart by digitalizing the city administration, centralizing surveillance, and simplifying waste management.


We help your retail business go digital and use AI for efficient customer service, order management, feedback, and customer retention.

Banking & Finance

Centralize your banking activities like customer service, customer profile management, and personalized marketing activities with the help of AI.


Simplify your healthcare management services by automating patient data collection and management along with their insurance information and medical histories.

Deploy AI Labs in your Institution

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Frequently Asked Questions

Register with your registered institute for our Education Research Program. Our team can connect with you to learn more about your research needs, and Automaton AI will help you build your own AI labs with the right solutions.

Though we periodically offer student AI projects and internships in a particular domain for study, our AI Labs programme covers a broad spectrum of basic research topics that include existing and emerging industry verticals.

All applications must come from a full-time professor or researcher at an accredited university.

To learn more about our AI Labs' current and upcoming features, sign up for our AI Labs newsletters.

Licensing at the AI lab is for a period of one year.

To renew your licence, please send an email to with the details of your institute.

Please email us at for answers to popular questions or chat with live support on our AI chatbot for software-related details