Press Release
July 30, 2021
Pune, India

Automaton AI announces the plan of releasing the E-books curated by subject matter experts.

Automaton AI will now be curating an extensive eBook collection with the help and guidance of researchers and subject matter experts. 

Advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning(ML), especially the advances in Deep Learning (DL)are becoming increasingly central to the successful running of any business.  However, there still continue to be certain gray spots when it comes to truly understanding and implementing  AI, and ML  Automaton AI with its vision to democratize data is releasing e-books to spread awareness and knowledge of ML, DL, and its applications in various industries.

The aim of these eBooks is to simplify and enhance the overall learning experience of people across the entire AI spectrum from students to business owners and data scientists looking to keep themselves updated about the advances in AI.  It’s all here, from the technology and terminology used to best practices and questions to keep in mind when adopting AI into your business. 

Our eBooks will cover a range of topics ranging from data pre-processing and its benefits to applications and use cases of AI in industries including but not limited to dentistry, agriculture, and construction among others. We break down complex concepts and look at the problems and challenges that various industries are facing when it comes to adopting AI into their business strategy and educating their workforce. 

While the opportunities are many, knowing how to take advantage of them is the key to success. The possibilities that AI and ML  technology may uncover are vast, thanks to improved machine learning models, expanded computer power, and higher quality data. 

Our eBooks are dynamic and we’ll be updating them on a regular basis to reflect developments in the AI ecosystem.

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