Press Release
January 10, 2021
Pune, India

Automaton AI initiates the Dentistry AI consortium to implement AI in the dental industry.

The lack of research in the dental healthcare AI ecosystem is what encouraged Bhushan
Muthiyan, the CEO of Automaton AI, to work in the dental industry. Working alongside well
known dental practitioners, he has been conducting research in machine learning modeling
and image recognition. Dentistry, while an unlikely initial target, proved to be a market that
the young entrepreneur could really sink his teeth into.

“There are a lot of corporates that are working on creating AI applications in dentistry. But
to accomplish AI applications, proper data collection and labeling is the key necessity along
with the ML model development and optimization”, states Muthiyan.

Keeping this in mind Automaton AI has started a Healthcare-AI consortium with dentistry
as its first domain, Automaton AI has taken on board the two dentists on their Dentistry
Advisory panel including Dr. Vaibhav Gandhi & Dr. Yogesh Muttha.

Automaton AI, with the guidance of these dentists, is going to develop high-quality data and
AI algorithms to detect dentistry pathologies.

“Use of AI in dentistry will save a lot of time that is spent in everyday mundane dental
activities”, says Dr. Gandhi.

Along with the Automaton, AI’s ADVIT tool and very high-quality training data can be
created for the Deep Learning (DL) models. This will help Dentistry AI corporates to speed
up the DL model development process along with data management.

With Automaton AI’s ADVIT, the automated data-labeling tool that the company has
developed a standard of healthcare data that can be introduced across dental AI companies.
Agreeing with his colleague Dr. Muttha adds, “In dentistry AI, Automaton AI supports
corporates to detect pathologies more reliably and accurately while also taking care of all
the data-security aspects.”

The main objective of this healthcare-AI consortium is to boost AI research in the
healthcare domain to develop more sophisticated tools that will increase the productivity
of Healthcare based AI companies.

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