Press Release
December 31, 2020
Pune, India

Introducing Automaton AI’s most advanced AI-assisted data annotation platform to create and manage high-quality training data all in one place.

Today we are excited to announce our Automated Data labeling tool release.

After developing our commercial, self-hosted tool with a vision to speed-up the data-labeling process for the Computer Vision (CV) industry, we can’t wait to share this news to our stake-holders and customers.

From edge devices to the data centers there is a huge amount of scattered data that needs a lot of data management, data pre-processing and data labeling to increase the accuracy of the vision based models.

For every CV application to be developed data is the primary requirement. A proper data input for the Deep Learning (DL) model gives better accuracy. Along with proper data the other problem is also the data management and data versioning. While data scientists are increasing the model accuracy on one side, the right amount of unbiased data fed to the model is also an important thing on the other side. To keep track of data used for training along with all the metadata information like number of objects, number of images of particular category, etc. 

ADVIT is developed by keeping few AI industries in mind including Agriculture, Manufacturing, Dental, sports, gaming, retail, etc. It can be deployed anywhere (on-prem / cloud) and the annotators can sit anywhere in the world to annotate the data. It is a hardware agnostic platform aimed to save the time of data-labeling by almost 2x. Given this tool the power of CV can help take these efforts to the next level, making the data labeling and management process more integrated, safer and accessible for all stake-holders in the company.

Few problems in the computer vision industry which ADVIT solves:

ADVIT capabilities-

  • Label data anytime & anywhere using ADVIT
  • Automaton AI’s revolutionary data labeling tool customizable for client’s use cases to pre-process, label and manage the data.
  • Capabilities of doing automated labeling such as face detection, facial sentiment analysis, Root canal detection in teeths,vehicle detection, etc. or using custom dockerized models deployed within the tool.

ADVIT is rolling out the following value adds to the data-labeling process with the vision to make the whole annotation process smoother.

Automaton AI’s ADVIT tool now enables real-time computer vision processing faster and smoother.    Know more here-

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