Data Labeling Services

Fully managed data annotation services

Create high-quality training data sets and scale your AI-initiative with human powered annotations

Data labeling is one of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks in the process of setting up your Machine Learning or Deep Learning Projects. About 83% of your AI project time is spent in gathering, cleansing, and labeling data. This wrangle of data uses the crucial time of your data scientists, researchers, and data labelers which is expensive.

Automaton AI’s capable team of annotators can be your time-saving, cost-effective backend.

Data Collection

Ease of uploading your data in any format on Automaton AI’s platform helps begin the process smoothly.

Annotation workforce

Based on your requirements, we assign the experienced and talented annotation workforce for the project.

Quality Assurance

Multi-layer QA ensures the quality and accuracy of work before completing the full training datasets.


Our platform can deliver your training data-set in any specified format so the data sets can easily be deployed on any platform.


The most advanced AI-assisted data annotation platform to create and manage high-quality training data all in one place.

Outsource your data labeling to Automaton AI

Use our fully-managed annotation teams and accelerate your AI-projects